Bug 5546 - cpu_khz is not initialized if you boot with clock=pit
Summary: cpu_khz is not initialized if you boot with clock=pit
Alias: None
Product: Timers
Classification: Unclassified
Component: Realtime Clock (show other bugs)
Hardware: i386 Linux
: P2 normal
Assignee: john stultz
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Reported: 2005-11-03 18:47 UTC by Tim Mann
Modified: 2006-05-09 17:22 UTC (History)
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Kernel Version: 2.6.14
Tree: Mainline
Regression: ---


Description Tim Mann 2005-11-03 18:47:21 UTC
Most recent kernel where this bug did not occur: None known
Distribution: kernel.org kernel
Hardware Environment: i386
Software Environment: boot with clock=pit on the command line
Problem Description:

The cpu_khz global is not initialized and remains 0 if you boot with clock=pit,
even if the processor does have a TSC.  This may have bad ramifications since
the variable is used in various places scattered around the kernel, though I
didn't check them all to see if they can tolerate cpu_khz = 0.  You can observe
the problem by doing "cat /proc/cpuinfo"; the cpu MHz line says 0.000.

The fix is trivial; call init_cpu_khz() from init_pit(), just as it's called
from the timers/timer_foo.c:init_foo() for other values of foo.  Patch below.

Steps to reproduce:

Boot with clock=pit on the kernel command line.

Patch (tested briefly and seems to work fine):

--- arch/i386/kernel/timers/timer_pit.c~        2005-08-24 18:54:21.000000000 -0700
+++ arch/i386/kernel/timers/timer_pit.c 2005-11-03 18:51:17.000000000 -0800
@@ -29,6 +29,9 @@
                printk(KERN_ERR "Warning: clock= override failed. Defaulting

        count_p = LATCH;
+       init_cpu_khz();
        return 0;
Comment 1 john stultz 2005-11-11 14:03:18 UTC
Looks like Andrew sent this patch to Linus, would you mind testing with
tonight's -git release and verify that it is working properly for you?
Comment 2 john stultz 2005-12-15 15:33:31 UTC
This has been in mainline for a month now, I'm considering it closed.
Comment 3 Tim Mann 2006-05-09 17:22:40 UTC
I finally got a chance to check, and I can confirm it's fixed (tested in  Sorry it took so long to confirm, and thanks for the fix.

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