Bug 6124

Summary: mount of UDF fs ignores UID and GID options
Product: File System Reporter: Michael (auslands-kv)
Component: OtherAssignee: fs_other
Severity: normal CC: akpm, bfennema, bunk, protasnb, randy.dunlap, sandeen
Priority: P2    
Hardware: i386   
OS: Linux   
Kernel Version: 2.6.15 Tree: Mainline
Regression: ---

Description Michael 2006-02-23 13:23:25 UTC
Most recent kernel where this bug did not occur:
Distribution: Kanotix (debian SID, 32bit)
Hardware Environment: Desktop PC, AMD 64, as well as on Laptop, i586
Software Environment: Debian SID, 32bit
Problem Description:
Mounting a UDF formatted DVD results in all files belonging to root,
irrespectable of UID and GID options at mount. UMASK applies correctly, on the
other hand.

Steps to reproduce:
Burn DVD with UDF format (e.g. via k3b), no iso9660 file structure. Mount via
"mount /dev/<your DVDdrive> /media/<your DVDdrive> -t udf -o
Mounted files are all owned bei root:root. No access for user 1000 possible.

I guess, this is not the correct behaviour, as otherwise the GID/UID options
should not exist for UDF at all.

ISO9660 format works correctly.

Comment 1 Michael 2006-02-23 13:40:55 UTC
oops, the mount command was "mount /dev/<your DVDdrive> /media/<your DVDdrive>
-t udf -o nodev,nosuid,noexec,user,UID=1000,GID=1000,UMASK=007" (missed the user
option, when writing the bug entry).
Comment 2 Michael 2006-02-23 23:20:18 UTC
It's possible that the same problem is also the basis of this discussion here:
Comment 3 Natalie Protasevich 2007-07-06 21:15:50 UTC
There were some UDF patches posted in the latest kernel, I think 2.6.22-rc5
Would you like to test this release?
Comment 4 Eric Sandeen 2007-07-09 10:15:34 UTC
I'll ponder this more when I have more time, but I have a similar bug here:


to which I posted....

The uid & gid options are better explained in the kernel Documentation/filesystems/udf.txt file:

        gid=            Set the default group.
        uid=            Set the default user.
The uid= and gid= options need a bit more explaining.  They will accept a
decimal numeric value which will be used as the default ID for that mount.
They will also accept the string "ignore" and "forget".  For files on the disk
that are owned by nobody ( -1 ), they will instead look as if they are owned
by the default ID.  The ignore option causes the default ID to override all
IDs on the disk, not just -1.  The forget option causes all IDs to be written
to disk as -1, so when the media is later remounted, they will appear to be
owned by whatever default ID it is mounted with at that time.

For typical desktop use of removable media, you should set the ID to that
of the interactively logged on user, and also specify both the forget and
ignore options.  This way the interactive user will always see the files
on the disk as belonging to him.


So it sounds like mounting with "uid=ignore" may solve the issue, and allow you
to read all files.  As far as what Gnome should be using for mount options, I'm
not certain... I think the udf code is behaving as expected, though.


But, the original filer reports that this still doesn't quite help, as his root directory was not +x, and therefore not browseable...
Comment 5 Andrew Morton 2007-07-24 12:29:59 UTC
I queued a fix into -mm as udf-fix-uid-and-gid-mount-option-ignorance.patch.

Michael, could you please test it?

Comment 6 Adrian Bunk 2007-09-18 11:21:03 UTC
The patch is in 2.6.23-rc.