Bug 17181

Summary: BUG: pin refleak
Product: Drivers Reporter: Florian Pritz (bluewind)
Component: Video(DRI - Intel)Assignee: drivers_video-dri-intel (drivers_video-dri-intel)
Severity: normal CC: chris
Priority: P1    
Hardware: All   
OS: Linux   
Kernel Version: Tree: Mainline
Regression: No
Attachments: dmesg of the bug

Description Florian Pritz 2010-08-27 06:58:40 UTC
Created attachment 28091 [details]
dmesg of the bug

Hardware: Intel D945GCLF2 board
Distribution: Arch Linux
Kernel Version:

Symptoms: ssh <host> uptime; ssh <host> top -b -n1  work; syslog remote logging works
nfs hangs, ssh <host> hangs, and of course display output hangs.
Multiple applications are stuck in D state.
Comment 1 Florian Pritz 2010-08-27 07:13:05 UTC
Oh I forgot to mention load rises steadily.

top - 08:15:13 up 4 days, 10:55,  2 users,  load average: 10.52, 8.20, 5.57
Tasks: 179 total,   1 running, 176 sleeping,   0 stopped,   2 zombie
Cpu(s):  0.9%us,  0.8%sy,  7.4%ni, 90.6%id,  0.2%wa,  0.0%hi,  0.1%si,  0.0%st
Mem:   2053100k total,  1468376k used,   584724k free,   548720k buffers
Swap:  2097148k total,        0k used,  2097148k free,   705120k cached

The one running process is top.
Comment 2 Chris Wilson 2011-01-31 14:45:09 UTC
Finally I think I have this fixed: https://bugzilla.kernel.org/attachment.cgi?id=45352

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 27722 ***