Bug 14618

Summary: OOM killer, page fault
Product: Memory Management Reporter: Rafael J. Wysocki (rjw)
Component: Page AllocatorAssignee: Andrew Morton (akpm)
Severity: normal    
Priority: P1    
Hardware: All   
OS: Linux   
Kernel Version: 2.6.32-rc5 Tree: Mainline
Regression: Yes
Bug Depends on:    
Bug Blocks: 14230    

Description Rafael J. Wysocki 2009-11-16 21:17:37 UTC
Subject    : OOM killer, page fault
Submitter  : Norbert Preining <preining@logic.at>
Date       : 2009-10-30 6:32
References : http://marc.info/?l=linux-kernel&m=125688434909582&w=4
Handled-By : Minchan Kim <minchan.kim@gmail.com>
Notify-Also : KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki <kamezawa.hiroyu@jp.fujitsu.com>

This entry is being used for tracking a regression from 2.6.31.  Please don't
close it until the problem is fixed in the mainline.
Comment 1 Rafael J. Wysocki 2009-11-17 22:48:50 UTC
On Tuesday 17 November 2009, Norbert Preining wrote:
> On Tue, 17 Nov 2009, Minchan Kim wrote:
> > I think we can ignore this bug.
> Agreed. It is so hard to reproduce, and might be some other reason for
> that. 
> > As I know, It happens very rarely. Norbert, right?
> Yes definitely.
> > So I think It would be better to ignore this bug
> > until we can meet similar report again.
> Agreed, please close or whatever.
> In case I find a method to reproduce it more easily I will come back to
> you.