Tools and utilities

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Component Default Assignee
i2c-tools Jean Delvare
A heterogeneous set of I2C tools for Linux
Infra Virtual Assignee for Tools/Infra infrastructure tools (b4, grokmirror, peebz, git-patchwork-bot, etc).
ktest Tools/ktest virtual default assignee
Bugs for ktest
KUnit Tools/KUnit virtual default assignee
Unit-testing framework for the Linux Kernel
libcap Tools/Libcap default virtual assignee
Userspace libraries and tools related to Linux Capabilities
Other Tools.Other
Bugs in various Linux tools that do not have their own category
pm-graph Virtual Assignee for pm-graph
Bugs related to pm-graph suite of tools
Sparse Tools-Sparse Virtual Assignee
Bug reports for Sparse static code analysis tool
Trace-cmd/Kernelshark Default virtual assignee for Trace-cmd and kernelshark
Bugs for Trace-cmd and kernelshark.
tuna Tuna Virtual Assignee
Thread and IRQ affinity setting GUI and cmd line tool