Bugs related to ACPI.

Select a component to see open bugs in that component.

Component Default Assignee
Issues related to the ACPICA Core, including the AML interpreter.
BIOS acpi_bios
Issues caused by broken BIOS -- particularly if Linux can not, or will not address in the OS.
Config-Hotplug acpi_config-hotplug
All ACPI Hot-Plug, including PCMCIA, CardBus, Docking etc.
Config-Interrupts acpi_config-interrupts
Interrupt configuration issues
Config-Other acpi_config-other
Boot and system configuration issues not covered elsewhere -- bus, memory enumeration etc.
Config-Processors acpi_config-processors
Processor configuration issues, eg HT.
Config-Tables acpi_config-tables
Issues specific to parsing and processing ACPI tables.
EC acpi_ec
ACPI Embedded Controller driver issues.
Other acpi_other
Source build, and a place to dump random bug reports.
Power-Battery acpi_power-battery
Battery and AC issues
Power-Fan acpi_power-fan
Fan and active cooling issues
Power-Lid Virtual Default Assignee for ACPI/Power-Lid
Bugs related to power management and lid devices
Power-Off acpi_power-off
Poweroff issues.
Power-Other acpi_power-other
Run-time power management issues not covered elsewhere, embedded controller, etc.
Power-Processor acpi_power-processor
P-states, C-states etc. Note that issues for non-ACPI processor drivers should be filed under power-management/cpufreq.
Power-Sleep-Wake acpi_power-sleep-wake
Suspend/resume issues for all S-states. Note that APM sleep/wake issues should be filed under power-management/APM.
Power-Thermal acpi_power-thermal
Thermal zone and thermal throttling issues.
Power-Video acpi_power-video
Video control, brightness, blanking etc.