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ACPI Bugs related to ACPI.
Alternate Trees Bugs against trees other than Linus' tree.
Backports project Bugs related to the Compat and Compat-drivers trees.
Documentation Documentation on the Linux kernel
Drivers Bugs related to device drivers.
EFI Extensible Firmware Interface
File System Bugs related to file systems.
IO/Storage Bugs related to IO.
Memory Management Bugs related to memory management.
Networking Bugs related to networking.
Other Bugs against components that can not easily be classified in the other categories; such as modules and configuration.
Platform Specific/Hardware Bugs that are platform specific.
Power Management Bugs related to power management.
Process Management Bugs related to process management.
SCSI Drivers Bugs against SCSI drivers.
Timers Bugs related to timers.
Tools Tools and utilities
Tracing/Profiling Tracing and profiling bugs
Virtualization Virtualization
v4l‑dvb Video for Linux