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ACPI: Bugs related to ACPI.
Alternate Trees: Bugs against trees other than Linus' tree.
Backports project: Bugs related to the Compat and Compat-drivers trees.
Documentation: Documentation on the Linux kernel
Drivers: Bugs related to device drivers.
EFI: Extensible Firmware Interface
File System: Bugs related to file systems.
IO/Storage: Bugs related to IO.
Linux: The Linux Kernel
Memory Management: Bugs related to memory management.
Networking: Bugs related to networking.
Other: Bugs against components that can not easily be classified in the other categories; such as modules and configuration.
Platform Specific/Hardware: Bugs that are platform specific.
Power Management: Bugs related to power management.
Process Management: Bugs related to process management.
SCSI Drivers: Bugs against SCSI drivers.
Timers: Bugs related to timers.
Tools: Tools and utilities
Tracing/Profiling: Tracing and profiling bugs
Virtualization: Virtualization infrastructure bugs only
v4l-dvb: Video for Linux